Create your business and brand pages

Smsiland allows users to create their business and brand pages for sharing your pages post, images,links and videos with your customers all post will be appeared on users top story who liked your page. Creating any page a person should have a profile on Smsiland.

  • Create your page by clicking on create page button
  • Update your page profile
    • Upload your Cover and profile Images
    • Describe about your page and write tagline
    • Update Your phone number
    • Update Your other profile links
    • Update Your mail id and contact details
  • Post your content,images,links and videos regularly

Verify your business

Verify your business so that users can know that this page is managed by authorized person Users from different locations will visit page like your page it will helpful to grow with customers.


Only admin can manage pages if required admin can create another admin. page can have multiple admins.

Create Page

You can create page after login then click on create page button.